Certified has been a tactical advantage stowed in my pocket since 2014.  A rare gem, Keith, Kenzi, and all the team at Certified are the best at what they do.  They are top notch professionals that are always available, always responsive, and incredibly knowledgeable.  Whether it is finding witnesses or defendants, running reports on third parties for more intel, or serving a party or witness anywhere in the US, Certified gets it done.  Certified has even helped my teams obtain service in other countries and Puerto Rico.  In Texas, they’ll go a step further and get your returns filed with the court, saving your team an extra step. Since using Certified the first time, I’ve never used another.  Their prices are always better than the market, and they’re always willing to see even the toughest jobs through to completion. If ever at a crossroad after exhausting what you’d feel is all options, Certified will find alternatives, suggest new paths, and get the question answered or the job finished.  You will not find a better process serving firm.